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15 Marketing Strategies To Inspire You

15 Marketing Strategies To Inspire You

In this article, we are going to list 15 different marketing strategies to inspire to raise the profits of your business and bring success to you, however; you must know that is there no fixed marketing strategy that will achieve magic results to your business, simply because there are a million types of businesses with different audience from different countries, so there is no universal strategy that shall skyrocket your business’s growth.

Fortunately, the following strategies shall guide you and expand your knowledge about various marketing channels which may bring your growth and success by formulating an adequate formula to your business, here we mention these strategies:

1- Create Good Content

As it is commonly known content is the king of the marketing world, the majority of marketers emphasize that content marketing acquires the biggest impact on businesses more than any channel, so that let the words work its magic on people who shall do the marketing job for you.



2- Sponsor Events

Your business can promote its brand at the relevant events to your products or services you offer, by sponsoring local or national events where you can reach to the largest possible number of your audience; also you may offer branded samples, like bags pens or mugs, ect. Thus you gain more brand awareness.


3- Stay Relevant to your Market

Know your audience very well, research them to learn their attitude and the most urgent issue they care about, so you can position your business as a thought leader in such issues which make you not just a successful business but also you can make a significant and positive difference and gain much influence.


4- Make Personal Branding

Recently personal branding became a vital marketing strategy people became more curious about the faces and voices behind the brands itself, so make personal branding by delivering a review of your brand that reflects your personality.



5- Adopt Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a core of online marketing channels, it is essential marketing strategy as you get an enormous opportunity to reach the maximum number of people, since you learn that Google processes more than 40 thousand search queries per second, being a paid method it is less expensive compared to its instant results that allow you to gain profits in short time.



6- Make Effective Communication

Communication means more engagement; you must keep connected and engaged with your target audience, the active communication build trust and credibility between you and customers and increase the flow of information, which helps you to improve your sales and raise your revenues.


7- Use Social Media

There is no question to adopt social media as a basic channel in your marketing strategies, you must invest heavily in social media once you know that about 70% of customers use social media to get customer support from their providers, and certainly you find the majority of your audience on these social networks, it is also important to identify which channel they spend their most of time to focus on such channel in your campaigns.


8- Build Email List

Email is deemed to be a cornerstone in digital marketing, it is an effective marketing channel to be applied owing to its low cost, instant communication, easy to set up, track, optimize and more, it is still the highest converting method of leads, at the moment the leads insert their emails to be included in your email list, you got the chance to show what you offer through a valuable content.


9- Provide Case Studies

It has been proved that more than 91% of customers read the previous customers’ reviews and 84% of them trust these reviews and rely on them upon their purchasing decisions, based on these facts, you are supposed to start adopting this marketing strategy by include case studies and review on your website.


10- Target Specific Audience  

Your marketing message must be directed to a specific group of people, at the same time, your message must express your understanding to them and their needs, so that your audience will engage and become more responsive and loyal to you.


11- Retarget Your Audience

Sometimes potential customers visit your website and became really interested in your products; then instead of completing their purchasing process, they get distracted for any reason; thus this important portion of potential customers must be retargeted to bring them one more time and maximize future returns.



12- Share Updates & News of Industry

Sharing the latest updates and news with your audience is very important as a marketing strategy, because it positions you as an expert in the field, as it makes your audience believe that you are aware of the recent techniques and developments, also go with the trend and try to adopt these latest techniques to show as a unique in the area.


13- Use Mobile Marketing

According to statistics mobile devices are projected to acquire 80% of internet usage in the future, which confirms that mobile marketing became a necessary marketing strategy to be adopted, so you need to check your website and the content on the mobile phone to be sure that your visitors get a better experience on it.


14- Make Videos

Include videos in your marketing strategies, insert the videos in places where customers would never expect such as; customer services replies, follow-ups with customers, or even email signatures by this way you would impressively attract their attention.


15- Offer Creative Ideas

People love to watch and get any brand’s messages in a creative way; they like to escape from typical advertisements and daily routine by interacting with these creative, inspirational ideas, so keep your brand viewed in a creative and exceptional way.

Now, It’s time to assess your market, audience, and products and services very well, then select the most suitable strategies that you think it will serve your business the most, afterwards, perform small test with each selected strategy to figure out to what extent it is good or bad, eventually formulate your plan that contain the most effective strategies.


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15 Marketing Strategies To Inspire You