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Expand your Service Offering to Grow your Business

Expand your Service Offering to Grow your Business

Growing your business as an entrepreneur and as a Shopify Partner can be challenging but equally exciting. In that situation, you will need to consider how to expand your service offering. As taking into consideration that the clients and business vary according to their industry, activities, and values. Each of them needs a unique solution to grow their business.

Here at ExtraTik as a Shopify Partner, considering Shopify’s strengths is the core way to expand our service offering, allowing speaking with confidence to clients; meanwhile, Shopify has vast advantages, features, and benefits that help to grow our business.

Firstly, you won’t have to look any further than your existing clients base. Talk with them and address all their needs to be capable to offer and meeting their entire needs by setting Shopify. Then, you will be able to offer more services and that will help you to grow your business as a Shopify Partner.

Improve the way to pick clients

Clients will often seek out your advice for how they should approach their online business. First of all, you have to know the entire needs of those customers to recommend the most suitable type of platform. Then, you can suggest Shopify solutions as a Shopify Partner to help them to reach their goals.

Besides the benefit that comes from working with Shopify, there is a value-added comes. As a Shopify Partner, you can offer an easy-to-use platform that’s focused heavily on creative inspiration. Cooperating with Shopify, here is a set of features that clients can expect from Shopify:

A Permanent Home

As a Shopify Partner offers hardworking campaigns, social content, and optimized for multi-screen society-culture to be a permanent home for the client’s brand.

Your Business is Safe

Extratik, as a Shopify Partner, follow-up with the clients to ensure that their business is always safe and protected into every product.

Boost Customization

Being a partner with Shopify; we know that Shopify provides more than 1500 apps, allow clients to build their business more efficiently.

Sell Anywhere

Shopify provides countless sales and payments channels. Here at Extratik, As a Shopify Partner, can sell anywhere to our customers, utilizing a unified platform from Shopify like; Amazon, Messenger, and Pinterest.

Easy Store Management

Shopify’s merchant-focused e-commerce management system allows Shopify Partners to hand off their work to clients.

Sales Tools

ExtraTik as a Shopify Partner builds a truly successful business after putting Shopify to its existing and future clients.

Additionally, here is a set of steps show your clients why Shopify’s hosted e-commerce platform is right for their business.

Easy Building

Build an online new brand comes with many challenges that many entrepreneurs aren’t expecting. Therefore, the hosted e-commerce platform is a great solution that removes all these barriers.

Your clients will have an all-in-one commerce solution that saves time and financial investment, in addition to, the opportunity to build their brand easier and selling quicker by setting up day-to-day management through a hosted e-commerce platform.

Optimization Willing

The hosted e-commerce platform like Shopify provides easy access to extensions and an ever-evolving product.

Store Maintenance

Here at Extratik as a Shopify Partner, we use a hosted e-commerce platform that helps to run our online business easier by getting access to the technical support 24/7. In general, most hosted e-commerce platforms like Shopify offer security patches and more to give an easy knowing for your business.

Plus Tools

The world is more connected than ever, with any product or service we could wish for at our fingertips. Here at ExtraTik as a Shopify Partner, we ensure that our clients have access to what they want, when they want, in a way that integrates smoothly into their digital lifestyle.

Shopify had created Shopify Plus tools according to the lacked support of many customers who had only technology. Thus, Shopify Plus team strives to organize an easy-to-use platform that keeps clients on the forefront of an ever-changing industry by serving the following features;

  1. Apps: countless apps and technology providers reduce the need for customization.
  2. Free Design: Now, private apps, Robust APIs, and Web hooks allow the client to develop any front-end technology, therefore, design resources are needed and free of complex page development to keep presentation.
  3. Connection: There are many benefits for Shopify Plus partners such as discounts and Plus-exclusive pricing.
  4. Anywhere Commerce: Buy Buttons allows retails to interact with their customers on any application or site, just inject it into any environments a merchant’s costumers interact with. Therefore, Shopify’s SDK can turn any content site into e-commerce storefront.
  5. Channels and Mobile: Channel APIs allow clients for selling channels like; Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Additionally, Shopify’s mobile SDK organizes the 100% native mobile app development process.
  6. Scalability and Reliability: Shopify Plus might be the fourth largest online retailer in North America, offering more than 10.000 orders per minute per store, more than 7000 cores, and about $ one billion sold by Shopify Merchants in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

POS Tools

Shopify POS tools help clients to enhance their sales collateral and take advantage of this Point-of-sale system, including; service agreements, statement of work, capabilities decks, quotes, proposals, in addition to, general client communication, and your website.

The Shopify Point-of-sale app is a powerful solution that can be used to sell almost anywhere, including brick and mortar stores, fairs, and pop-up shops. The POS hardware can include iPads, card readers, receipt printers, bar code scanners, and cash drawers.

Shopify POS is considered as an all-in-one solution that provides an integrated experience. The system gathers many features including;

  1. Store Management: Save time, money, and view all past order made in-store and online.
  2. Payments: Accept Visa, Master card, American Express, and Discover with no hidden fees.
  3. Checkout: Creating custom line items and setting the price to anything you want, in addition to, offer a percentage or dollar amount of a single product or a full order.
  4. Products: Organize the entire inventory and products by category and assign existing barcodes to the product or create a new one.
  5. Customer management: Collect customer information and email addresses at checkout, in addition to, receive automatic profiles about customer’s shopping habits.
  6. Analytics: Control products reports, retails analytics, and see actionable data on sales.
  7. 24/7 Support: Access Shopify’s support team and help center.
  8. Shopify on mobile: to manage inventory, emails or call customers, and access items that need immediate attention.
Expand your Service Offering to Grow your Business

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