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Ecommerce Business Blueprint

Ecommerce Business Blueprint

Living in the golden age of entrepreneurs, many of young people nowadays intend to open their personal business projects and be their own bosses. Yet, many of those entrepreneurs tend to take the direction of opening their projects online because of many factors.

Although opening an E-commerce isn’t something easy, it requires many planned steps, budget plans and a marketing plan.

In this article, we’ve put together for you a simple guidance and blueprint to start your own online business. Exported from Extratik best content, blog articles and posts, here are some of the most important challenges and how overcome it when planning to launch, grow a profitable ecommerce business.

Finding your selling product

The most challenging part in stating an ecommerce business is the big question “what will my business be about?” or “what product am I going to sell”

Finding the products, you want to sell is the first step you’ll take in launching your ecommerce business, and here are some tips you can use to reach your goal in finding the best products to sell on your online business:

  • Look out for trendy products
  • Highlight some strategies to help you search for the product you want
  • Explore the best places to look for products and ideas
  • Target what audience you want to be interested in your products

Reviewing your business idea

Moving to the next step, once you succeed to find a product idea in your mind; now it’s time to review this idea, to be able to do that you have to ask yourself a bunch of questions, for example:

  • Is this product going to sell?
  • What will make this product sell?
  • Do I know the audience for this product?

There are many approaches, you can take to validate your products ideas, and examine its potential market.

Obtaining your product

The next step after deciding on a strong product idea and studying the market potential is to start looking how you’re going to obtain that product and where you’re going to get it from.

There’s more than a method to obtain your products depending on your capital money and your preference, either you will choose a domestic supplier or an overseas supplier; the most important step to overcome this challenge is to find a good efficient and trustworthy supplier, to maintain a sustainable product line and a certain continues level of quality. Therefore, your ecommerce business is going to grow and get a wider circle of audience.

Research, prepare and plan

 Now that you have finished the basic steps before launching your business plan; you’ve found your product idea, evaluated the idea of the project and studied it and finally secured a reliable supplier for your project. Now you’re ready to take the next step towards lunching your ecommerce business; you have finished the basics and now it’s time to write and prepare a solid business plan.

But first, you need to do an analyzed research on your potential in the marketing, your future competition and competitors, it’s a very important step to know what are going against in the market and how you’re going to make your business unique and different.

Putting your business plans on papers

Writing your business is when launching your ecommerce business gets serious, after you did a good research on your competitors, now what you really need is a road map that will lead your thoughts and ideas towards securing a successful launch for your ecommerce business. A business plan will help you with that; in addition to help you arrange your priorities and know what exactly that your customers need.

Setting up your business

Setting up your business

You have a road map now, you know your market, your priorities and what your customers need. Now, it’s time for you to actually start building up your ecommerce business. There’re certain steps that will help you build up a good business profile for your ecommerce:

  • Decide a name for your business

Deciding a good brand name for your business as well as choosing an available domain name is a bit of a challenge to many business starters, the brand name could be related to the product you’re selling or not. But, having a good brand name is crucial for your ecommerce business.

  • Creating a logo
  • Understanding search engine optimization (SEO)

Before starting your online store, it’s very important to start the basics of search engine optimizations so you can set up your online business on google and the other search engines.

  • Building your store

When you get a better understanding for the (SEO), you’re ready now to build up your online store. Captivating products descriptions, beautiful photos for your products and high-converting products page are some essential elements you’ll need to build your online store.

  • Choosing your sales channels

Choose sales channels where you can find new customers to maximize your sales and achieve your sales target. 

Preparing to launch your business

When preparing to launch your online business, one of the most important things that you should do is, defining your KPIs (key performance indicators) once you launch, so you can evaluate your performance and measure your success track. Shipping and fulfillment elements are things you should be ready for as well. 

Post launch

Post launch

Now that you’ve launched your business online successfully, the next part is all about marketing your online business using digital marketing tools to drive as much traffic to your online store, the more traffic you get the higher possibility people are going to buy your products, here are some tips you can use in marketing your online business:

Marketing your store

  • Smart email marketing campaigns

(Sending effective email campaigns- tracking your results- fast growing ecommerce branding)

  • Driving traffic from social media platforms

(Creating a social media marketing strategy- fixing your social media advertising campaigns- launching your YouTube channel to be a medium for your store)

  • Optimizing for higher diversions

(Diving more sales and revenue with targeted live chats- Earning customers trust- finding the leaks in your conversion funnels)

  • Using analytics to uncover insights

Just the beginning

Building your ecommerce business isn’t an easy job, it’s challenging and involves lots of steps, the process can sometimes feel like you’re solving a million pieces’ puzzle. But, as challenging as it’s, you’ll learn about choosing products, evaluating it, figuring out how to produce it and how to sell it to customers after marketing it. It’s challenging yes! But it’s rewarding as well. All we can say is, enjoy your journey and learn as much as you can.

Ecommerce Business Blueprint