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How Ecommerce sites use content marketing in drawing customers’ attention

How Ecommerce sites use content marketing in drawing customers’ attention

When you are searching online for a certain product with a reputable brand, it is rarely to find an online website marketing its product without a well-planned content which provides client with whole informative details about it professionally.

Creative content has a positive impact on readers, helping them reach their targets and save their efforts and time.  Moreover, content marketing can work not just as an informative source, but also as a promotion tool which contributes highly in attracting customers and shifting their perspectives.

The company which creates a well-structured and organized content can build a reliable brand, driving more traffic to its website. In this context, Ecommerce companies which intend to grab followers’ attention and drive sales, they have no choice except managing a valuable content that educates customers professionally.

Create educational videos with a creative content

Luxy Hair is one of the companies which can be taken as an impressive example in employing videos with a valuable content to marketing their products. The company is one of the top rated clip-in hair extensions brands in the world.

Its process of traffic optimization mostly based on creating educational videos with relatives topics such as “the right way of using hair extensions with short hair”, “how to pick your perfect hair extensions shade”, “how to clip in luxy hair extensions, etc. in order to teach customers how to use its product.

But beside that, they also create videos about different issues which are not directly related to its products, such as the videos under the titles “how to protect your hair while sleeping”, “how to get natural looking tight curls”, “how to get rid of dandruff “, and more, in an attempt to became a reliable authority by which people can educate themselves on one hand, and optimize their website on the other hand.

Lessons to learn from luxy Hair:

  • Creating videos to introduce your product to your customers in a professional way.
  • Educating people about your product is an effective way to reach your audience.

Answer your FAQs in an innovative way

Generally, FAQ pages are considered a vital part of ecommerce website content, including a series of common questions which are asked by customers. However, as we live in a world in which marketing develops quickly, we should start thinking outside the box when it comes to answering these common questions.

Many companies adopt a different approach in dealing with this part, for example Zirtual is a company provides virtual assistants not just in a professional way, but also they add the sense of humor to the answers creatively.

Another innovative way of answering FAQs is educational videos. REI is an outdoor sporting and camping gear company. They come up with this idea to answer its expected customers. They use FAQ videos creatively to educate their customers how to use their products, for example “How to fit your bike”. This contributes significantly in reach a broad audience and optimizes their website.

Lessons to learn from Zirtual and REI:

  • Think outside of the box and answer your audience innovatively.
  • Creative FAQs grab customers’ attention and optimize your website traffic.

Use text- heavy photos

Use text- heavy photos

Many ecommerce companies start to adopt a creative content strategy in which they use stunning photos to introduce their products with heavy and informative content.

One Kings Lane is a company which deals with all kind of household wares products. They apply this idea on their website filling their blogs and home page with tons of high quality images supported by a well-structured and informative content.

Photo-heavy content is an effective marketing tool enhances people to look at your website and optimize your followers and fans. 

Use text- heavy photos

Lessons to learn from One Kings Lane:

  • Text- heavy photos is an effective way to reach your audience
  • People love beautiful images. Exploit it with an awesome marketing content.

Be a media outlet

Be a media outlet

Even though you are just a clothes or sweets company that sells certain physical products, you could be also a creative publisher and have a broad audience by starting your own blogs as a professional media outlet.

You don’t have to be a famous or big publisher just like Washington times or economist to post a daily or weekly blogs which have to do with your products. It is good enough to have a reputable website with a skillful content team to become a reliable authority and reach to your audience in affective way.

GetKempt and GiltMANual are examples of clothes stores which play a role of a media outlet, achieving impressive results.

Lessons to learn from Urban Daddy and Kempt:

  • Establish your own media and build your brand
  • Being a professional media outlet helps you optimize your website incredibly.

Be honest with your audience and earn their trust

Be honest with your audience and earn their trust

One of the new marketing strategies that proves its effectiveness in attracting customers is being clear and righteous with your client by opening discussion about serious issues has to do with your product.

Birchbox is a company sells beauty products follows this strategy. They are open to face any controversy about their beauty products, receiving all clients’ perspectives or criticism warmly, such as discussing whether wearing makeup has some bad effects or not, or arguing to what extent wearing makeup is accepted by society nowadays.

The aim of this approach is to try to address these common issues, building a high trust among customers in one hand, and increasing the traffic to the website on the other hand.

Lessons to learn from Birchbox:

  • Be open and honest in introduce your product.
  • Consider your positive points of your clients’ controversy.
How Ecommerce sites use content marketing in drawing customers’ attention