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11 Recommendations to optimize your product pages and drive your sales

11 Recommendations to optimize your product pages and drive your sales

Every day you check on your sales funnel, you are not yet fully satisfied with the number of your store visitors.

You want to find more visitors adding products to their carts, however, you understand that your product pages need more efforts to have impact on your visitors, convincing them to make action and purchase your products.

Here, we offer you our Shopify partner experts who have effective ways to solve your problems.

Firstly, what the factors of a great product page?

As an online store owner selling unique products, all you need is a website with a creative product pages which attract your right audience by giving them the right information which guide them buy your product at the end of the day.

There are four factors which need to be together to build a great product page; your product, brand, copywriting and page’s design.

  • The product

Your product is the main factor among all these four ones, the more your product shines, the more it can speak for itself, answering customers’ questions.

  • The brand

Brand is a very important matter, if you have a unique brand on your product pages, it will leave a high impression on your visitors, pushing them add your product to their carts.

  • The copy writing

The fascinating content has a positive impact on readers, so supporting your product pages with a creative content marketing absolutely makes a difference.

  • The page design

The design with stunning images and creative details on your product pages can grab your visitors’ attentions and drive your sales.

So, to optimize your product pages, our team Shopify partner experts give you 11 recommendations.

1.Have a clear call-to-action

When you build your product page, make sure that your “Add to Cart” button is clear enough for your customers.

“Add to Cart” button is the most important component of the product page, so it is supposed to be visible and uncluttered. Don’t disrupt your visitors by content which surrounds the button intensively. Let your customer hit it immediately and simply.

Here, we have an example of a product page belongs to SMAKK Studios, it is obvious that “Add to Cart” button takes a wonderful position with a small amount of content below explaining the properties of the product.

2.Get a great product photography

The most illustrative way in which you can offer your product creatively is great product photos. Stunning design plays an important role in building a great page and drawing visitors’ attentions.

That is why you should make sure that you have talented web designers who have a sense of innovation which enables them to shape the product perfectly on your product page.

3.Have the right product photography

You could find a lot of ways to make great photos which attract customers, however if you are looking for a unique work which fits your exceptional products, you should change the conventional ways and think outside the box.

For example, Dao Labs is a traditional Chinese medicine brand, but it is not that famous, so to market their products on the product page in an attractive way, they support their product design with a large story talking about its benefits, usages and more in order to make visitors familiar with their brand.

4.Link your images to your product variants

It is very effective to personalize your products by colors, scents, etc. to be differentiated among other products, however, you must not expect everyone should know “Frosted Dreamscape” what is look like?

For this reason, linking your images to your products can help recognize your product perfectly and optimize your traffic on your product pages.

5.Have the right amount of detail for your prices

When you sell a simple product with a low price, you do not have to give intensive and informative details as if you deal with a luxury product which usually associated with a high price.

People are not ready to pay a lot of money, if you do not describe your luxury product properly, convincing them that your product is worth that big amount of money.

Especially, if your product is not belong to a premium brand, here, in this case, you have to give enough information about your product on the product page, trying to answer your customers’ questions.

6.Have the right amount of detail for your customers

As the price tells a part of the product’s story, you as a seller should complete the rest of the story by providing all the details and information which matter to your customer, because not all your customers are expert in what you sell.

This can be done through creative product videos which can simply explain the complicated details about the product. In addition, creative content with high-illustrative photos are also useful tools to inform your customers about your product professionally.

7.Have a well-branded product page

If you have a clear brand which explains your products, target audience, vision etc., professionally, and highlighted by a fascinating design and a creative content, then you can ensure that you are on the right way and your product page is doing very well.

8.Support your product with inspirational content

Aspirational content is not just words on the paper, but it is how to make your customer who read your content feel confidence about your product.

Customer needs the product which solves his problem, achieve his desire and make him better. Therefore, your content is supposed to be informative and creative, so you can convince your customer in a professional way.

9.Create content which sounds human

When you are creating a content for a brand, be your brand voice, and make it comes to life.

It is necessary to capture the voice and tone that match your audience preference, leaving a positive impression on them.

Your reader does not want too long and boring paragraphs which distract or confuse him, but all he needs is a direct speech which describes the product creatively.

10.Your product page needs social proof

One of the important components, which you should take into consideration when you’re building a product page, is a “Social proof”.

The possibility of adding social proof to your product page is a very effective way to make your customers express their opinions and explain their experiences about your products.

By this way, you earn more credibility and build consumer trust, boosting conversion and driving your sales significantly.

11.Understand your customer

Understanding the mindset of your audience is the main key to explore how to grab their attentions to your products. Your customer behavior which represents the personality, desire, and motivation of your customer can guide you build a clear and strong product page.

In this context, if you have a really well-organized product page, you should expect customers add your product to their carts, but if it fails, then you have to rethink seriously about your product and try to find the product’s properties which fit your target audience properly.

11 Recommendations to optimize your product pages and drive your sales