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7 Best ERP Systems

7 Best ERP Systems

Choosing ERP software is considered one of the most sensitive decisions you will ever take, we know that ERP system is the system that operates the whole business and links all processes of the business together in one facet by integrating all its departments such as; human resources, customer service, finance, marketing for more efficient, smooth performance.

Taking into account its multiple benefits including but not limited to; high level of security, high productivity, affordable costs, reporting, and integration, ERP system becomes an integral part of any business’s success, so managing business nowadays through typical tools will be inefficient.

Since choosing an adequate ERP software that fits your business type, is not an easy job, specific standards must be considered to deploy the correct one, amid the high competition between ERP vendors who continuously give many offers, here are 7 standards must be considered after have decided to select and implement ERP software.

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True Total Cost

Regarding cost, firstly you are supposed to evaluate the ERP software offered by the vendor and its compatibility with your fixed budget, you need to be clearly aware of the total cost including implementation, hardware, software, support, and maintenance, also any hidden costs that you may be incurred on the long-term, you must be sure that you know all related costs. Generally; the total cost needs to be reasonable and customized according to your budget, once you come up with clear evaluations in terms of the costs, make a comparison between costs and projected returns.


Training & Support Provided by the Vendor

Statistics showed that majority of organizations that already have adopted ERP system do not have internal experts to maintain ERP success, when assessing the quality of the training and support provided by the vendor; you must be aware that the vendor has real experts specialized in ERP software implementation to help them to make a good use of its benefits, the vendor must ensure an adequate ERP maintenance and sufficient support, also providing you any required training for the employees in your business during and post-implementation process for a smooth transition of the new adopted system within your business.


Adopted Technologies

It is necessary to consider the advanced technologies offered by any ERP vendor, such as providing a developed system ready to be customized to your business with its all different processes, able to meet the technical needs of your business, to adapt with the increasing users number and data volume, the capability of ERP software to support the nature of a multi-environment business, and its effect on the end users.



You need to think about the current issues faced by your business and, how the new ERP agency will provide you with suitable solutions to solve or even reduce them, and which functions shall fix these issues, certainly you must be aware of what functions or platforms to be used for solving problems or performing daily tasks, the vendor must illustrate all of these important issues.


Vendor’s Reputation & Profile

Here, you need to take into account the prospective vendor’s good reputation and check if he has a strong profile and dynamic mechanisms of the deployment of ERP system, its recent products, and the projected products to be issued within the coming years, also the vendor shall have accumulated skills and board experience; in addition you may check if the vendor is a partner with giant companies, or awarded prizes and certificates; furthermore you need to be aware of their future products and plans.



Offered ERP system including all essential units of financial management, HR, CRM and others shall be integrated seamlessly into your recent infrastructure, the vendor must ensure a complete implementation with minimal interruption of the existing operations of the business, therefore the data and the ongoing processes shall be integrated and stored in one single facet, through which your business shall perform tasks, prepare reports, analyze information and configure to new applications easily, so this integration can make your employees are able to use the new system efficiently and quickly.



In consideration of the increasing security threats and the software vulnerabilities, ERP system vendor is required to provide your business with a high level of data and information protection, the vendor shall enhance your business data security via built-in firewalls, manage the restrictions over the business’s information, so that you will be able to adjust the security systems according to any specific requirements, moreover offering you complete.

Ultimately, determine the vendors that meet your ERP selection criteria of your business, the above list of requirements must be fulfilled at least; so that the job of selecting the ERP system provider will be much easier which shall affect your business’s performance entirely.


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7 Best ERP Systems