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8 Marketing Strategy Mistakes Everyone Makes

8 Marketing Strategy Mistakes Everyone Makes

Marketing is the soul of any business, it plays a major role in letting the public know what businesses offer, in fact is not about getting the businesses targets achieved only but also about gaining brand awareness and trust, despite that businesses attempt to formulate the best marketing strategies ever, in many cases these marketing strategies involve many unavoidable mistakes that may result in disasters, costing much money, moreover failure to achieve the businesses’ targets. 

Here let me share with you a list of top 8 mistakes commonly occur by many businesses in their marketing plans that you must avoid.

Undefined Audience

The most significant element of the whole marketing strategy is to define the audience, as it allows the marketing message to be reached directly to the people who are really interested in your products, now imagine if your business is unable to determine its audience and your business scope is very wide, your marketing message would definitely lose its destination

Thus, any marketing strategy must restrict its audience to accelerate achieving the business’s objectives and expand the chances of higher revenues.

Snubbing Analytic System to Monitor Progress

The ultimate goals of any business are increasing leads, achieve higher conversion rates and accordingly high rate of sales, which are the absolute reasons behind huge marketing campaigns; however, preparing a solid marketing plan is not just everything.

The most vital part is to measure the effectiveness of this marketing campaign; however, one of the fatal mistakes made by many businesses is ignoring to measure the efficiency of their marketing strategies and campaigns.

Analyzing marketing campaign results is a must to figure out whether the targets are achieved or not. Considering that marketing is not a one-sided process, it requires to be measured by analytic indicators.

Lack of Adequate Research on Market Trends

Sufficient research and deep knowledge of market trends is a must in the process of creating a marketing plan, which involves in defining the customer needs, suitable channels to fulfill them, the potential complains that may arise and how to fix them, watching the key competitors closely along with their advantages, weak points, methods of interacting with customers, furthermore analyzing the market in a compressive manner, yet some businesses formulate their marketing strategies without making an extensive deep search of markets which lead eventually to catastrophic results.

Staying Out Of The Updates..Have No Website

Considering the multiple marketing channels to boost exposure, having a website is one of the basics in any effective marketing plan; however, studies showed that 29% of small businesses are out there in the market without having a website! For certain these businesses stay out of the competition taking into account the other businesses with well-designed creative websites, as the majority of customers now search the products on the internet before they take the decision of purchasing and if your products are not exposed on internet, be sure that you miss out a vast number of potential customers.


Pay No Attention to Social Networks

Many businesses consider that including social networks in their marketing strategy is a matter of wasting time as they think that work there will never be done perfectly, that’s why they give social media low importance in their marketing strategies; however, studies concluded that the attitude of ignoring marketing on social media is completely wrong, also researches indicated that building up profiles on different social media channels increases the chances of having a high traffic of users who visit your profile to browse the new products and promotions, eventually converted to be customers.

The Absence of Inspiring Creative Ideas

Some businesses simply go on the same track of other successful rivals believing that adopting their magnificent marketing ideas will make them gain the same outstanding success; however, what worked with the competitors will never work the same way with them, as people consider your imitation in marketing ideas will move to your products so they would believe that your brand lack originality and creativity.

Therefore having exclusive creative ideas of how to deliver your products, and defining the unique selling point (USP) that differentiate what you offer from the competitors, push the customers to pick your product instead of the other alternatives, moreover they will be eager to discover your new offers and products.

Ignoring Brand Awareness

Many companies think when they sell unique first-ever products of their kind, people will know them over the time without marketing campaigns, unfortunately nobody will ever learn about them without talking about them, also other businesses’ founders hate to promote themselves even if they sell amazing products, in fact, this is considered such a big mistake

Accordingly, no matter how compelling your products are, you shall promote yourself and your products, preparing marking plans to grow your brand awareness shall be an integral part of your business and must be highly considered.

Neglecting SEO

Creating killer content of SEO has countless benefits as it brings the opportunity to get high ranking on search engines, thus more visitors to your website, brand awareness, earn trust and potential customers, despite its importance so many businesses ignore including SEO in their marketing strategy, Losing this advantage makes many customers who go internet to get more information about your field of business, shifting their interest to the competitors that provide SEO with informative updated content and always show up organically on search engines, accordingly uplifting their conversion rates and sales as well.

Now, you already become aware enough of the most damaging mistakes to stay away from committing any of them while preparing your marketing strategy.

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8 Marketing Strategy Mistakes Everyone Makes