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How To Choose The Best Advertising Agency

How To Choose The Best Advertising Agency

Now, your business came to a critical point and decided to hire an advertising agency to achieve your targets, execute a high level of success and sustainable growth, as it will be the responsible for planning and managing the entire marketing process. Of course, there are a wide range of them out there offering compelling services with comparable prices, so that your decision of choosing the advertising agency shall be precisely taken, especially for the first time, you must keep in mind that you choose a strategic partner that may consider an integral part of your team for several years.

Picking an advertising agency is like a purchasing process you need to compare between different providers to get the most proper one, the same here too, you have to make sure that it fits your business model and culture, owns the capability to put your business’s core needs and goals into action, you ought to understand who will lead your marketing campaign, the one to be contacted for all your future communications.

Therefore, we share these crucial tips that shall be considered and never neglected in choosing the advertising agency you will hire, SO KEEP IN MIND TO:


Understand and identify your goals

The very first step prior to approaching any advertising agency is to know what you want precisely, which area you need to focus your marketing, because each agency specialized in specific marketing techniques, making it very serious to deal with the correct one.

For this reason, you will be able to select the most proper agency to hire; you need to think about your short-term targets and the long-term ones as well, so, clearly outlined goals shall make you able to select the right advertising agency that shall meet your requirements.



Create a list of agencies

Now, you know your goals very well, it is time to check the agencies to pick the right one, so start to develop a list of the advertising agencies from colleagues or internet search, select no more than 12 agencies to be able to make a precise evaluation.

Then select the fit ones, check their websites see their clients if any of them is your competitor drop it, search their provided services as agencies usually specialized in exact area of advertising, as we mentioned; thus, you need to know if they are specialized in the core services you need the most to facilitate accomplishing your targets; also their websites must have a creative design and provide clear sufficient information.


Create a Request for proposal (RFP)

At this point, you already narrowed your options to a handful agencies, now start to contact each advertising agency in order to inform them about your desire to include them in your Request for proposal REF which is very important step, then send out your REF to them, the ultimate target of this REF is to collect information you seek from agencies and to pick the most proper one.

In your proposal you shall identify your business, give sufficient information about your industry and express your exact needs to make them clearly aware of your requirements, also describe the strategy you are looking for, the more accurate your RFP is, the more selection process is successful.


Evaluate & Compare

After you get the response to your REF from the agencies you contacted with, it is time to evaluate their responses very well, to end up to the right decision in your selection process, furthermore communicate with their references they provided, ask them about their satisfaction with the agency’s services, the agency’s commitment to the deadlines, its adherence to the quoted prices, the results they reached and how it helped them to achieve success, thus you will have a clear picture and deep insight of the perspective agencies, so that you can conduct a comparison between them, then it shall become easier to choose the best two agencies that are supposed to fulfill your needs.



Make your Final Decision

Finally, after reviewing, evaluating and comparing, it’s time to make your final decision, according to your business’s mechanism of making a decision, then you shall note your finalist agencies about your final decision, since rejections are possible, after you come to a decision of the winner, thank the other agency for its participation and you may provide it with the reasons behind it, afterward, call the winning agency to arrange your first meeting.

Now, by following these steps strictly, you make the selection process very easy and fruitful at the same time, it is a critical decision that shall affect your brand and the future of your whole business, therefore accuracy and transparency are highly required in the application of these steps.

 Here, I would like to hear from you about your previous experiences in choosing an advertising agency, and if not please consider these steps and keep them in mind for any upcoming agency selection process.


How To Choose The Best Advertising Agency