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How to Get Your First Sale in 30 Days

How to Get Your First Sale in 30 Days

How I get my first sale is the most common question that every entrepreneur seeks for as it’s considered a turning point in their journey. For the first look, it seems an intimidating process to get someone to buy from you for the first time.

It might be hard to sell your online business, depending on the countless methods and channels that help to promote your business. The important part is to figure out which ones that make the most successful result for your business.

Here are the most common methods to make your first sale and how to make the best out with each way. Keep in mind that not everything is going work, so get ready to learn within those first 30 days.

  • Free Traffic “Advertising”

Free Traffic “Advertising”

Target audience is an easy way to make your first sale, so you can start with the free traffic, which is to explore your product manually with network and online channels. You can make the best out of those free traffic sources, which help you to start.

You almost need to offer a discount code for reaching out and attracting your potential customers to let them know your products and look your store out. LinkedIn and other social media channels can help with this free traffic.

Premier connections with the potential clients also sort like a free traffic source, whether connect by making a phone call or sending an Email. A lot of entrepreneurs make their first sale depending on connections. All you need is to make a list of your customers, who are interested in your products.

You can make out from the entire social media channels to drive your free traffic. For example, add the URL link of your store to your social media accounts in the bio of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Additionally, you can share your store on your personal accounts and ask for a donate sharing. Join groups and build a reputation for your store and products, then share the URL link of your store in with a discount code.

  • Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

Advertising is the core, easy point to sale your business, as you can see immediate results if you’re willing to spend money to make more money. A lot of advertising channels allow you to pay per click, however, some platforms allow you to start with a low budget.

There are many channels you can make your advertising from, and each one is different from another according to the way of advertising, your target audience, and your business based.

  1. Google Ads

Google Ads

Google is an open gate for many people who are willing to buy anything. Google Ads is an online advertising service that allows having your ads run on Google’s search results, which show at the top of search results when clients search for relevant terms.

Google Ads is part of Google’s pay per click platform, offering Text-only ads that displayed in search results based on relevant keywords, user location, and device type or Shopping Ads that show your product photo and price up in a more E-commerce oriented format.

You will start by creating a Google Ads account in order to launch a new campaign process. Your product Ad will display in search results based on your chosen keywords and campaign setting. Therefore, you have to see the search volume of your target customers might looking for.

  1. Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the universal social media network with more than two billion monthly diverse users. Facebook provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to reach anyone and anywhere.

When it comes to E-commerce, Facebook excels at lead generation, that’s why uncountable brands use Facebook for advertising. The most common way utilized is to run a Facebook ad into a high-converting landing page, offering some variety of a free product.

Facebook allows advertisers to reach their ideal users who are interested in what they offer by targeting specific users in terms of age, job title, gender, location, interest, and many other valuable criteria.

  1. Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is beginning to look like Facebook of the social advertising platforms, commands one of the highest audience engagement, boasting more than 500 million monthly active users.

Instagram is considered the best platform for unpaid advertising that reaches a huge number of people by using relevant hashtags. You can make ads to link directly to a product page or the landing page for direct engagement.

Instagram mostly uses for photos and videos of fashion, fitness, and food. Therefore, if you have attractive product photos and targeting the 18-29 range, Instagram is the best Ad choice for your business.

You can focus on lists of the custom audience who have engaged with you in the past perform or custom images of real people, in addition to, take hashtags as seriously as you can to connect with your target audience.

  1. Twitter Advertising

Twitter has 328 million monthly users, most of them are niche and mainstream influencers. It involves breaking news, hosts under 100 characters and some rich media. So, it’s considered the best way for organic engagement that E-commerce uses to drive awareness and enhance products.

In Twitter Ads, you should build user engagement into the ad, utilizing a relevant image that fits your brand and being much targeted with the products.

  1. Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest looks like Instagram in its visual and highly targeted female with 175 million monthly users. At Pinterest, users create boards to save Pins according to specific themes like interesting articles, particular photos, designs, and more.

You have to stand out in Pinterest between countless Pins to get many users through creative attention-grabbing, in addition to, be detailed and focused on trends by using detailed description, keywords, and hashtags.  Pinterest is highly recommended for home decor, fashion, designs, artwork, and food.

  • Target Traffic

Target Traffic

Target traffic is considered the most effective method to reach your potential clients out and make your first sale. You will be able to know the improvement when you create a benchmark. Therefore, it’s possible to use authentic improvement once you’re deciding to expose your business to the world.

You need to drive target traffic to know about the exact price that you should offer, the potential clients who are interesting in your products, and resonation of your business with your target audience.

Connect the points between your business and your clients is a core factor to drive traffic.

  • Optimization and Analyzes

Optimization and Analyzes

This step considers being a challenge and a jump in traffic to create feedback for your products and your store. As you kind of exhibition to see campaigns that cost too much and generate a few leads, as well as, campaigns that never qualified but generate many leads. At this point, you should change the way of marketing your business.

Countless faults reasons might make costumers don’t buy from you and you’ve guessed that your traffic behaves do that, here are some of them:

  1. You might have many ignored carts during checkout.
  2. Your store is taken too much time to load and your traffic might be low quality, so your customers get bored to see your products.
  3. Customers don’t like your products or don’t trust your store at all, so you need to find the right products and achieve the market fit.
  • Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership

You can make partnerships with like-minded brands that looking for the same target audience you’re seeking for, to get more costumers and highly drive traffic. Partnership is an effective way to sell your products for more customers, as you can create a product together, sponsor an event, run a competition, or work with influencers.

Ultimately, you might fail in one of those traffic sources, so you have to keep trying and exploring until you find the right method that meets your needs, reaches your goals to drive traffic, and make your sales.

How to Get Your First Sale in 30 Days