Information about Cookies

We use cookies to make better use of our website. Cookies are small data units that are temporarily stored by your browser on your computer and mobile device, allowing you to experience our website better. Cookies do not contain any personal information about you and are not used to identify individual users. Cookies usually have a unique identifier, which is an anonymous number stored on your device. Some will end up on your computer for a long time, while some will end when you finish your website session.


Explanations On The Definitions in This Information Sheet

“Cookies Accepted”: Stores user selection data about cookies. It is defined as true when accepted or incorrect when rejected.

“My Favourites”: The user is used to store the content collection numerical data and the possible receipts content collection. My favorites function is not available if the user rejects cookies. After requesting the My Favorites section, the data is transferred to the server and evaluated. No information other than collection ID data can be used.


Information of Cookies Types


  • First Party Cookies


Identified by the website you visit and can only be read by this site


  • Third Party Cookies


It is defined by other organizations used for different services. For example, the external data analysis services we use and suppliers that provide this service define cookies on our behalf to report what is popular and what is not. The website you are visiting may also have embedded content from sites such as social media and video surveillance sites, and these sites may define their own cookies.


If you allow cookies,

  1. If you enable a service to recognize your device, you do not have to give the same information repeatedly during a session
  2. Supporting the My Favorites function
  3. Allowing the video player to function properly
  4. Measuring how many people use the services 

enabling them to be easier to use and providing them with sufficient capacity to continue to be delivered quickly, will help us understand how anonymous data can be analyzed to improve how users can improve our online services.


If you don’t allow cookies,

In this case, certain features of the website may not be displayed or may not work correctly. This limits what you do on the website and can have a negative impact on the design and user experience.

The properties that may be affected are as follows;

  1. Using the My Favorites function
  2. Inability to experience the website in a personalized way
  3. Watching video
  4. Share this page on social networks
  5. Viewing embedded content

Other first or third party cookies, for example; iFrames, javascript, etc. using embedded technologies on the website. By accepting cookies, you agree that such content may also use cookies.

Extratik does not have any control over third party cookies or accepts any liability for them. You can refer to the third-party website for more details.

Information About Cookies