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Messenger bot advantages to be utilized in businesses

Messenger bot advantages to be utilized in businesses

In today’s marketing environment social media channels should not be missed out, Facebook is considered on the top of these channels is the most popular and the strongest one out there, not to mention its  platform for exchanging messages Messenger application with more than two billion monthly users, to be more specific Messenger has gained this considerable popularity owing to important feature so-called Messenger bots, bot itself is not a new innovation it was around for decades but in other forms.

About bots

Bots are programmers that simulate normal human conversations; they are compatible with many chat interfaces and Messenger one of them, controlled by a set of rules and depend on complicated data that enable them to make correct decisions instead of just submitting the same data every single time, mostly they are utilized by businesses for completing processes like customer service, facilitating sales process, ensuring customer satisfaction, as it always provide customers with solutions and all answers for their inquiries or problems of any kind.


Facebook Messenger bots

Messenger bot is a complicated software that uses artificial intelligence in performing its vital function to enable businesses to customize and activate instant replies on Messenger so that when customers get contacted, they can get sufficient instant replies for their inquirers.

Considering the main target for any business is to generate more profits, such bots are seen as a significant benefit to businesses considering the fact that their potential customers use Facebook most of the time connecting with their friends and watching new stuff, so they will there to keep updated, and once they see your messages they will interact instantly with your offers.



Facebook Messenger bots benefits

Now, with these benefits of Facebook bots, your business will be able to increase its revenues including;

  • Expanding your business, without many resources to get new leads, and to convert them into customers, Facebook bots enable your business to grow in a very short period.
  • Availability, as they help businesses to connect with their customers in a more personal way giving them insight into their products and offers, so that makes them feel of being more valuable and the businesses are always available to reply their requests.
  • Simplicity & Ease of Use, they are developed to be very easy to use by customers and incredibly simple to get connected.
  • Money & Time Saver, messenger bots provide customers with better experience without cost much money, even there is no need for a developer to establish a basic bot that is why it is very affordable, in addition, they deliver automated answers in real-time as a customer service agent and in a personal way; thus, it helps to save employees time and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Learn How to craft a killer Strategy for Facebook Messenger bots

Notwithstanding the type of products you offer or your business’s size, delivering a plan of using messenger bots is vital matter, you will need a well-formulated strategy to monitor and gauge your success as shown below:

  1. First, you have to specify your objective from using Facebook Bots; you may need to increase your conversions, deliver excellent customer service or even put the most common FAQ to your customers.
  2. BE friendly with your customers, Feed bots with simple, smooth messages for the frequently questions so that you stay longer on chat discovering your products and services
  3. Use inspiring ideas, offer your audience the highlights of your new products, and notify them of exceptional offers and promotions
  4. Keep your products stay longer in the customer’s mind, by adopting creative, eye-catching visualizations.
  5. Do not spend much on creating your messenger bot. Use zero coding free tools to build them like ManyChat or Chatfield Octane, Ubisend, Smooch, all of them complete its creation within minutes for free and put in mind that you may need a professional developer in case you need very customized Facebook Messenger Bot.


Then, if you were not sure whether customizing messenger bots for your company would achieve your target to gain more outcomes, now it is necessary to start acting, because the future of this strategy is very promising and carrying endless opportunities for your business in the market.

Messenger bot advantages to be utilized in businesses