Personal & Commercial Law Firm


A law firm works on establishing personal and commercial companies, as well as providing financial consultation. The Brief Extratik received was accurate and complicated, as they were facing a high lead cost, law ROI and law conversion. The task was to help increasing the ROI and the conversion rate. In addition to decrease the cost of their leads.


The Challange

  • Reanalyzing their buyer persona.
  • Creating marketing customer journey for their clients.
  • Provide digital marketing strategy and implementation.
  • Create and manage all platform ads.

Results & Success

Eritqaa has seen profound improvements in overall rankings; the results have enabled Eritqaa to meet its targets and succeed in a highly accurate sector.

  • Decrease the lead cost by 20%.
  • Increase the conversion rate up to 15%.
  • Increase the ROI by 10%.