Females Fashion Line


Nisavip is an e-commerce site that creates an astonishing fashion line for females wearing Hijab. The brief Extratik received was simple and clear. The task was to help them with their online sales and website visitors rates, as well as decreasing their lead cost.


The Challange

  • Develop Marketing Strategy.
  • Rebranding their identity.
  • Managing all their platforms ads.
  • Increase their brand recognition in MENA region.
  • Manage and run a high quality performance campaigns.
  • Design videos and other marketing materials.

Results & Success

  • Increase online sales up to 20%.
  • Increase website visitors up to 40%.
  • Brand awareness increase by 16%.
  • Inter new profitable markets through advertisement.
  • Increase the organic results by 13%.
  • Increase social media engagement rate by 17%.
  • Customer journey accurate a mentoring.