Accessories For Men


Tasbihane is an e-commerce site works on creating and providing outstanding original accessories for males. The brief Extratik received was simple but challenging, they were facing a high lead cost, in addition to a very complicated sales workflow.


The Challange

  • Manage sales workflow.
  • Reforming marketing strategy.
  • Managing digital marketing platforms.
  • Manage all their platforms ads.
  • Create and implement awareness strategy.
  • Analyzing their market needs.

Results & Success

Tesbihane has reached their goal achieving these results

  • Increase online sales up to 20%.
  • Increase website visitors up to 40%.
  • Decrease the indirect cost per-sell by 25%.
  • Increase their organic search results by 18%.
  • Smooth sales workflow.
  • High engagement rate by 20%.