Top Clinic

Cosmetic Medicine


Top Clinic is a cosmetic clinic concerned about plastic surgery, hair transplant and dental cosmetic. The brief Extratik received was direct and clear, however, it was challenging, as Top Clinic target was to inter the international market, which is a very competitive world for cosmetic medicine to present the work in five global languages. Moreover, we had to deliver a website content, as well as setting a customer management, digital platform management, and communication cost with the clients.


The Challange

  • Building content marketing.
  • Creating customer journey and sales funnel
  • Customize ERP solution (Zoho one suit).
  • Provide them with an outsource social media management
  • Create and manage platform ads.
  • Voip solutions.
  • Managing brand recognition and performance globally.

Results & Success

Top Clinic has quickly became one of the most well-known cosmetic clinics worldwide.

  • Generate leads and decrease the lead cost by 15%.
  • Increasing the ROI by 10%.
  • Fully automated internal business process.
  • Integrated interface using Google Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, and Influencers marketing.
  • Decrease call costs by 7% within integrated interface for full call center management.
  • Increase social media engagement by 20%.
Top Clinic