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Top 15 Benefits of PPC Advertising & Why Google Ad Is Highly Needed

Top 15 Benefits of PPC Advertising & Why Google Ad Is Highly Needed

PPC advertising is a tool many businesses use to promote their products online; it is commonly known as Google ads since it is the most known platform for PPC ads, by adopting it, you will always show up on Google search engine among the first results before organic search results.

PPC tool has many benefits to be utilized like; being affordable considering its way of calculating the costs, simple to use, not to mention its popularity.

Here top 15 benefits of PPC advertising that will blow your mind, discover them now:

Benefits of PPC

#1 Control Your Spending

When you use PPC Advertising, you can increase or decrease its expenses according to your budget, as it will permit you to manage the advertising campaign completely, thus avoiding wasting your money and time.

#2 Expand Your Website Traffic

Through PPC Advertising you can increase your website traffic by bringing thousands of clicks to it, the most interesting fact here is the visitor who clicks and visits your website are truly interested in what you offer.

#3 Higher Conversion Rates

The generated traffic from PPC is more probably to convert to be customers more than traffic generated from other sources, since you are shown up in the search engines, you will gain higher conversions.

 #4 Boost Your Brand Awareness

It helps your brand to be recognized among people; brand recognition is essential to uplift your website visitors, accordingly your conversion rates and sales volumes will be increased.


#5 Instant Results

One of the most incredible advantages of PPC Advertising is the fast results it gives to the businesses owners, as it makes them satisfied with the immediate results of a high number of the website visitors and sales figures.

#6 Win The Market Share

To show up in the first results of search engines is very important, if you do not appear in the first results, the customers will never know about you and definitely will move to the first competitor who shows up as a first option for them, because it has been concluded that 75% of users never go past the first page of the search results.

#7 Raise The Offline Sales

Yes, it is true, PPC can effectively boost your sales in your physical store, because there is kind of customers who prefer to search online and buy offline; thus internet search engines lead their purchasing decisions then they go the shops to buy.

#8 Do Not Pay Too Much

PPC Advertising is considered a very affordable tool, because you only pay once the users visit your website; so you can spend as much as you can afford as there is no fixed cost for using it.

#9 Reach a Broad Audience

PPC enables you to reach a large number of customers, as a fact the number of online users on the internet exceeds 2 billion users, the percent of online activities from search engines 93%, also it is worth to know that every second there is 40 thousand searches which equal 3.5 billion searches per day, it is really huge number, isn’t it?; these figures grant your business millions of chances to be shown up on search engines.

#10 Increase Sales & Revenues

The ultimate target of any business is to achieve the highest level of profitability, and PPC Advertising can achieve this target easily by driving many conversions, it is proved that a business paid 1700 dollars in PPC Advertising and could achieve 4400 dollars in revenue.

#11 Measure Your PPC Advertising Campaign

By PPC Advertising you can measure your returns, figure out which keywords or advertisement that bring more returns, by installing Google ads tools to measure your conversions, you can make informed decisions on your PPC Advertising campaign.

#12 Create Your SEO Easily

PPC Advertising can easily help you in specifying the search keywords, so that you can build your SEO strategy very easily, accordingly driving more conversions to your business.

#13 Get The Local Customers

Statistics confirmed that 75% customers prefer to shop in a store that showed up in their search results, especially if it was in their area; hence, you can get this significant portion of local customers by using PPC Advertising.

 #14 Analyze Your Marketing Strategies 

If you want to test your different ads performance, you can include these ads in a Google Ads campaign, run them for a specific period then check which advertisement gets the highest number of clicks to be adopted in your campaign.


#15 Invade New Markets

It will help you to expose your different products to new markets; it will allow you to break into these markets and expand your presence there.

Now, It is evident that PPC advertising is a very reliable and profitable tool, considering its countless benefits, If you still not advertising on Google, you are missing out on many opportunities.


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Top 15 Benefits of PPC Advertising & Why Google Ad Is Highly Needed