Branding & Design; What an art that is!

Conveying a focused sense of who you are and what you do – Creating a long-term branding strategy that uniquely defines your brand’s desired promise, personality, position and addressing any weaknesses and capitalizing on existing strengths. We create amazing guidelines for branding your website, blog, social media, email campaigns, presentations, logo animations and other activities and materials utilizing your brand.

The most important part of any branding campaign is putting it into action. This includes everything from your website and logo, to more minor details like style guides and social media avatars. Your new brand should be implemented efficiently and systematically so that you will be visible to your customers and new prospects without losing any recognition.

Our goal will be a consistent brand approach across all interactions with existing customers and prospects. Results will be multi-fold: 1) broader recognition of your brand and its positive attributes; 2) improved differentiation of your brand as a leading force in the marketplace; and 3) increased conversions as prospects more readily recognize your products and approach, and associate them positively.

Your company needs to differentiate its brand in the marketplace to build customer loyalty, engage new prospects and generate steady revenue, referrals and repeat business. Extratik’s branding expertise can provide the necessary analysis and strategy development to do just that.


Here’s why we can help you better than any other marketing agency:


  1. Extratik’s branding experts work methodically – Many marketing professionals think of branding as a glitzy proposition. They want to dazzle clients with all the bells and whistles before they’ve even done their homework to determine exactly where the client’s brand currently stands with customers. Our team knows the importance of research and analysis to provide a benchmark before formulating a new strategy.
  2. Extratik employs an experienced team with a wide range of knowledge, experiences, and creativity – Our branding strategy team represents a broad cross-section of marketing specialties. That means we can identify essential tools to use with a fresh branding strategy, to be incorporated into an existing marketing plan. Perhaps more importantly, we know how to coordinate all those efforts into a consistent, long-term approach that gets results.
  3. Extratik provides ample opportunity for client input throughout the process – We’re all about communications and you’ll find plenty of opportunities for input and feedback throughout the process. At any time if you believe the strategy needs to take a different approach, we will work with you to develop a course of action that better fits your needs and business culture. No branding strategy can be effective if the client does not feel comfortable implementing it.


Here’s what our team will deliver to help you manage your brand in a way that builds and strengthens long-term customer loyalty:

  1. An analysis of your current brand performance — Without a benchmark to understand how well your brand is performing, creating an improved branding strategy takes a lot of guesswork. We’ll get to the heart of the matter by gathering information from you about your current marketing and PR approaches, and how you’ve incorporated your brand. Then, we’ll conduct research with your exiting customer base to get a clear handle on how your brand is being perceived, as well as its rank within your industry and its standing among competitors.
  2. Development of a custom branding strategy to build loyalty and improve competitiveness – A company’s branding strategy plays an important role since a brand often has more value and longevity than any single product. However, that branding strategy has to be consistent across marketing, PR and communications channels. Based on the research and analysis results above, we’ll develop a strategy to target weak spots, strengthen loyalty with existing customers and expand brand reach to new prospects. We will show you how to keep the use and promotion of your brand consistent across all marketing and sales efforts, and why this is important in building customer recognition and loyalty.
  3. Implementation of a new branding campaign – The most important part of any branding campaign is putting it into action. We do create amazing ways and solutions for branding creative design.
  4. Extratik has offline and online design expertise – Our team, relying on a combination of digital and print design skills, knows how to bring its talents together to create the perfect look no matter where you do business.
  5. Extratik includes unlimited revisions until you get the look you want – Some designers limit their clients to one or two revisions. We want to give you the exact look you want; “close enough” won’t cut it. That’s why we offer unlimited revisions. Our designers will work with you until they achieve the perfect look.

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