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From traditional one-way corporate communication to a two-way and multi-party dialogue – Digital, internet or e-marketing models have emerged over the last decade. It is partly in response to a new digital era and partly as a result of new disruptive methods of marketing. Extratik believes that marketing models, whether traditional or digital, are useful frameworks to focus planning and strong mechanisms to enable organisations to develop robust marketing plans that stand the test of time.

Greater transparency and authenticity – In todays world, corporate culture or brand perception has become more important to savvy online buyers. Corporate culture today means greater transparency and authenticity. Customers have expectations of brands they follow.

How the power shifted from retailers to consumers – The ability to shop at anytime and from anywhere, has shifted the power from retailers to consumers. Technology has created convenience for consumers via mobile and tablet and people can shop on their mobile on the bus, train, on the way to and from work, whilst waiting for a meeting to start.

Many factors involved in convenience which are part of the overall Online Value Proposition of a website:

  • Easy access for shopping on different devices, for example through responsive or adaptive websites
  • Easy recall of previous orders; storing my previous data so if I’m in a hurry with a grocery shop or a B2B purchase, I can simply repeat an earlier order.
  • Easy acknowledgement of your order with details of when it will arrive; in some cases this is becoming a shorter time slot or you can arrange to have your goods delivered to a safe locker or other convenient location.

For Business to Business (B2B) convenience about

  • Easy access to information related to your profession or sector
  • Easy access to your account and stored content if relevant

The advent of new forms of inbound marketing / Organic SEO and Social Media – Probably the greatest single change from digital media and technology is the advent of new forms of inbound marketing such as organic SEO and social media. Here communication has evolved into new forms of ‘inbound ‘Pull’ marketing and, in the case of social media, a two-way and multi-party dialogue, instead of the traditional one-way corporate communication.

For organisations this new dawn heralds a lack of control where others control the message which may be inaccurate at best and libellous at worst. Plus, the need for elegant prose covering pages of brochures has been replaced with the need for sharp pithy posts, changing the nature of copywriting and the skills required.

How Extratik Makes A Difference On Your Marketing Strategy!

Discovery – We will assess your current marketing strategies, take a look at what your competitors are doing, and identify new opportunities.

We develop a compelling, unforgettable brand – Your brand is your calling card to the outside world; use it wisely, and you can separate yourself from your competitors.

We help you reach new customers using both online and offline techniques – The importance of digital media can’t be ignored, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon traditional media, either. We’ll develop a strategy for you that takes advantage of every platform available, offering you unprecedented exposure to new prospects.

We design a pipeline of new leads and customers – Irresistible products begin with marketing considerations in mind. After thoroughly researching your market and competitors, we’ll create and test several channels and positioning statements. The end result will be a scalable way to profitably acquire new customers.

Collaborative product brainstorming and development – We will meet with you regularly to develop new product marketing campaigns specifically designed to appeal to your target customers.

With skeptical buyers saturated by media like never before, your company needs to make strategic decisions regarding how it presents itself in order for promotional messages to stand out and reach prospects in a compelling way. Your company needs attentive, comprehensive marketing services to:

  • Cultivate a unique brand to distinguish itself from its competitors
  • Analyze what others are doing in the industry to find out what’s not, and use that insight to its fullest advantage.
  • Reach new customers using a combination of online and offline techniques

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