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In every sense of the word it would be an understatement to say that every business should have a website. Actually, most businesses have at least one website that is functional. But, we can not say the same about applications. Number of studies have proved that over 60% users prefer mobile apps over mobi-sites to purchase online. If your business is about selling products, then owning an application is far more beneficial then a responsive website.

Extratik believes that mobi-sites are not enough to power user engagement and to optimize business productivity. Businesses need to consider mobile app development to stay ahead of the competition. But, why should a business build an app? And what are the key benefits of mobile applications over mobile websites?

Turning Ideas Into Remarkable End Products –  If you don’t invest in a mobile application developer dedicated to turning its ideas into a remarkable end product, it will waste time and money on an inferior application that doesn’t motivate people to buy. This could damage your brand and create a loss of market share to its competitors.

Tailored Apps According To Your Business Model –  It’s imperative that the agency you’re doing business with understands your own target audience and your business model, so they can tailor the app they design to your customers in a relevant way. If the agency won’t take the time to understand your customers’ needs and wants, they’re not going to succeed in developing an app that speaks to their behaviors.


Here are nine compelling reasons for you to build an app;

  1. Mobile Apps are faster – Applications are usually 1.5 times faster than mobile websites and they perform much faster actions as well.
  2. Personalized content – Personalized content is loved by users for an immersive experience. Users prefer highly tailored content according to their preferences. It’s like offering them a tailored communication in the language they speak and understand.
  3. Instant Online and Offline Access – All mobile apps offer instant access. Mobile apps offer seamless experiences with their ability to work Offline and Online.
  4. Using device features – Mobile apps have an added advantage where you can code an app into utilizing various features of a native device.
  5. Push Notifications and instant updates – You could send instant and non-intrusive notifications to your app users and this is a major reason why enterprises and businesses should build an app.
  6. Branding and Design – The Apps can be designed according to the way you want without depending upon the device or browser elements and caching problems.
  7. Productivity Improvement and Cost reduction – The great benefit of Mobile Apps is to help you expand your audience reach in a very short time by reducing marketing costs.
  8. Interactive Engagement – Users experience too – way immersive experience through own interfaces of Mobile Apps.
  9. Increased SEO potential for website – The app can be optimized on respective app stores to rank you highly and include certain Dynamic Success Metrics that will ensure your application’s success via SEO.

Extratik develops the best App for you;

  • We develop your vision into an irresistible application – You have the vision; it’s our job to turn it into a reality. We’ll sit down with your team, listen to your ideas, and turn those ideas into a workable concept for a mobile application. Then our designers and developers will work together to give your concept life. You’ll get to watch as we transform your idea into a beautiful application, asking questions and offering feedback along the way. We won’t finish development until we test to make sure your application works perfectly on a wide variety of devices, operating systems, and software versions.
  • We launch your application and market it for maximum visibility – A lot of application developers just create products and move on; they leave it up to the clients to figure out what to do next. We’ll leverage our extensive experience to make sure your application name is available in the App Store, launch your application, and help it reach as many people as possible.
  • We provide ongoing maintenance and support – The application we develop for you should be functional and profitable for the long haul. That’s why our team, already intimately familiar with your application, will stick around to help with maintenance, upgrades, and support.



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