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A social media marketing strategy should focus on a summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve on social media. The goal of the plan should be guiding your actions and let you know whether you’re succeeding or failing. Every post, reply, like, and comment should serve a purpose.

The more specific the strategy gets, the more effective the results will be. A good strategy plan should be based on keeping it concise, not making plans lofty and broad which is impossible to measure.

The proliferation of social media brings with it a new world of business opportunities, but also the potential to waste an enormous amount of valuable time and resources. Your company needs to make intelligent investments in these tools to gain an edge over its competitors. With the help of our analytically-minded social media consultant, your company can:

  • Focus its efforts on efficient social media use without wasting time on uncertain results
  • Rely on a numbers-based system to track whether its social media use is effective
  • Develop an engaging social media presence without being forced to hire social media managers or getting locked in to indefinite contracts

Extratik understands you don’t have time to waste on social media – Too many businesses spend huge amounts of time and money on social media without the assurance of results. It’s not your job to dabble and see what works; it’s ours. We figure out the most efficient strategies for performance, and we pass along those strategies to you.

Our scoreboard system makes it easy to analyze and track your progress – With our system, you don’t need to rely on vague indicators of success. It pulls from thousands of data points and relies on only the most useful metrics, allowing you to make pinpoint adjustments and always continue to improve.

Extratik gives you everything you need to run social media on your own – We give you a plan to follow and a system to check yourself along the way. That keeps things light and efficient enough to handle on your own. You won’t need to pay someone to manage your social media for you unless you want to.

Extratik’s social media consulting services will deliver the following results for your company;

  1. Offer actionable recommendations to immediately improve your social media performance – Time spent inefficiently on social media is time best spent elsewhere. We’ll assess your current social media use and offer advice so you can improve your results in a matter of days.
  2. Provide a plan showing you which social media tools you need and where to focus your efforts for the best effect – New social media networks emerge all the time, often leaving businesses with a sense of obligation to join them to “be everywhere.” Our strategies relieve you of that burden. We recognize you have only a limited amount of time and resources to devote to social media, so we focus on the actions that produce the most results without overwhelming you.
  3. Give you a numbers-based system to track your social media use, and show you how to use it – Without the relevant metrics, it’s impossible for you to know whether your investments in social media can be improved, and if they can, how to improve them. Our system figures all of that out for you; we’ll show you how to use it in-house so you can continue to improve your performance after our project is complete.

We provide thorough Audit of your current Social Media use – We’ll carry out a comprehensive analysis of your current social media use. Relying on our expertise supported by analytics, we’ll translate the insight we gain into actionable advice to improve your performance. This advice will include suggestions for both short-term and long-term improvements.

We develop a Long-Term Social Media Strategic Plan – We’ll devise a plan for you to follow to expand your social media presence over time. This plan will allow you to continue to improve your results from your social media investments, without sacrificing efficiency or compromising your ability to mange it all on your own.

You will feel the pressure to invest more resources into social media as those networks continue to grow. Without a strategy that takes limited resources and numerical data into account, it will be impossible to know if its expenses are actually producing results.

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