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What is Shopify and how does it work

Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company founded in Ontario, offers e-commerce platform for online stores and retailers including payments, orders, shipping and marketing.

Shopify started in 2006 from a team of 5 employees working at a local coffee shop to become a global company which owns more than 800,000 active stores over 175 counties with more than 4000 employees and approximately 100 billion worth of sales in the end of 2018.

Shopify begins with you at the very beginning step when you come up with a creative business idea, supporting you how to find best ways and right tools to start, sell, market and manage your own business professionally.

How to start your business?!

How to start your business

Starting a business is not an easy job, especially if you have never done it before. However, you can overcome this problem by giving a chance to Shopify helps you build your business with its professional team, turning your core business idea into action.

  1. Build your brand from the scratch

A brand is not just a name or logo associated with your business to be differentiated in a huge market, but it is a reflection of your vision, target audience and personality and more.

To build a reputable brand, Shopify can help you create a professional brand which plays a vital role in attracting your target customers. Shopify offers branding tools including a business name generator to search for a business name which fits your own business, in addition to choose an appropriate domain which enables you to start the sell process once you have upload your products.

Moreover, by Shopify, you can create your professional logo with the logo maker by which enables you to customize your logo in a unique way.

  1. Build your online presence

If you want to promote your business on social media and get high rank in search, it is very important to get a custom web address which gives your business high credibility and leaves a unique impression on customers, so you stuck in their minds.

Furthermore, Shopify allows you a free access to stock photos in which you can download and use high resolution images for your website on one hand. On the other hand, it can boost your brand and optimize your sales by a powerful tool called “Kit” which runs ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook, sends customs emails for marketing and integrates with different marketing apps.

  1. Build your store

After building a creative brand supported by a significant online presence on social media, you should think about finding products to sell on Shopify.

Oberlo is a powerful tool provided by Shopify to help you find products and add them into your Shopify store to start selling without worry about inventory, packaging and shipping, Oberlo can deal with these all.

To make your store seems more impressive, Shopify provides a wide range of free and paid themes which fit your products, and help you boost your brand. Also, it introduces a Shopify card reader which offers wireless payments anywhere and anytime form any device.

How to sell everywhere?!

How to sell everywhere

Wherever and whoever your customers are, Shopify- by its unique platform- is able to sell products to them with different stores and channels.

  1. Sell online with an ecommerce website

Your products can be brought to life by having a free access to over 70 store themes. You can customize colours, imagery and fonts easily without any coding or design skills for all devices. Moreover, all Shopify payments are accepted by credit cards quickly and securely.

  1. Promote your in-person selling

Shopify offers customers personalized services using hardware and software which keep them safe. It also simplifies and help you manage your store including products, inventory and customers.

  1. Add your products to your website or blog

By Shopify Buy Button you can generate the embed code which enables you to place your products on the website, in addition to generate your embeddable product card and secure check out experience.

To build a branded online store or create a custom shopping experience for custom storefronts, blogs, advertisements…etc.   JavaScript Buy SDK can be your solution which simplifies all this process completely.

  1. Extend your reach online

Growing your business is not a hard job, but it requires a serious follow-up, as well as the channels which connect you with a bigger audience. Social media networks (Facebook and Instagram) play this role in which you can optimize your traffic and drive your sales significantly, while Shopify tracks your inventory and orders automatically.

Moreover, online marketplaces such as, Amazon and eBay where millions of shoppers and customers are, can be also a very appropriate place to present your products. To not mention, the possibility of customizing the appearance of your products which helps you sell your products at the right places.

How to market your business?!

How to market your business

A Business without marketing like a car without a steering wheel drive going nowhere. So Shopify pay a big attention to this stage using build-in tools which help you create, execute and analyze marketing campaigns.

  1. Optimizing your audience with content marketing and SEO tools

You can optimize your website and garb your audience’s attention with a creative content which based on search engine optimization (SEO). Content with SEO tools together, you can guide peoples find your website quickly.

Content has a huge impact on customers driving their perspectives, increasing the traffic on your website and optimizing your sales.

  1. Promote your products by Ad campaigns

To make sure that your audience reach to your online website, you should create online marketing campaigns which based on both Google and Facebook ads. By Google Smart Shopping campaign alongside Facebook Ads, you make it easy for the right people to find your website and buy your products effectively.

  1. Drive your sales by Kit automatically

Kit is a very powerful tool which can create accurate ad campaigns completely, writing, building and posting them innovatively. Kit also sends Email marketing automatically as a stunning way to promote new products. Not to mention, its function to work as a virtual assistant which can handle different tasks and give you marketing tips.

  1. Enhance your campaigns with reports

You have also a chance of improving your campaigns through reports which track your performance across all different channels, and show you to what extent your campaigns could achieve your main target which you set.

How to manage your business?!

How to manage your business

Your business needs to be controlled in affective way, Shopify offers a platform to manage your orders, payments and shipping accurately and quickly.

  1. Fulfil orders quickly and accurately

Shopify takes responsibility of helping you manage your process and ship orders and inventory wherever and whatever the order is, simply all of it can be done by just one click.

Furthermore, Shopify enables you to control your customers’ contact information and all their order histories.

  1. Securely Simple payments online by credit cards

You can make sure that all payments on your website accepted by credit cards and local payment methods. As Shopify ensures a credible and simple payments, you have access on over 100 third party gateways.

  1. Develop your business with expert tools and help

With Shopify’s different powerful expert tools, you can get the whole history of your activity including reports about your sales, customers and marketing which allows you to analyze your business performance.

Furthermore, you can receive funds through Shopify Capital to promote your business, not to mention the possibility of hiring certified experts if you need a helping hand in a certain filed.

  1. Run your business from anywhere

Shopify offers you running your business from both desktop and mobile, and allows you to manage your business through Shopify app. In terms of organizing staff accounts, you can give custom permissions to your employees, so they can use certain tools and data.

What is Shopify and how does it work