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15 Social Media Management Tools That Can Help Your Business

15 Social Media Management Tools That Can Help Your Business

In nowadays world, social networks become one of the most effective ways for any business to stand out in any industry, to expand its presence, and to reach a wider audience.

Thus, it is a necessity to have an active presence on different social media channels from Facebook, Instagram to LinkedIn and other suitable platforms to your business type, however the adequate proper usage of these networks cannot be applied without proper understanding of how to use them to achieve your targets of reaching the right audience at the right time, because making mistakes on such platforms may cost you a lot of your money, reputation or even your credibility.

Fortunately, there are a bunch of social media management tools out there to manage your social platforms, to make good use of their features and benefits, to help you to avoid such mistakes you may make while using them, to support and streamline your workflow, so that you shall save your time and ensure your strong social performance.

Here are 15 of the most useful social media management tools out there:


1- HootSuite

If you are seeking for more engagements, impressive publishing, reporting and managing campaigns, then Hootsuite is the one to choose, it has amazing ability to meet your needs impressively as it considered a platform of all features you can expect, it used by over 15 million people around the world and able to connect with more than 35 social channel.


2- Buffer

It is really mind-blowing social media management tool, and one of best tools, it is very simple and user-friendly, it enables the marketers to apply social media marketing strategies very effectively to drive high engagement rates and increase sales volume by its beneficial features.


3- Sprout Social

Sprout Social collect within it all the great features in different social media tools, it provides CRM features and has an entire profile of the customers in order to build a good relationship with customers, to make them experience the best service ever.



In a single interface you can combine all your marketing channels such as; SEO, social media, and email together, it does not monitor and publish posts on social accounts only, but it provides you with precise reporting data as well, so you can track which content and what social platforms generate the actual leads.



This tool is specified for B2B marketers who desire to gain customers through social networks, it has all the needed features for them, one of these features keeps all content to post, making it very easy to reuse it with no need to recreate the content itself.


6- Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is a very useful social media management tool for Twitter-focused users, it has a simple, perfect interface, enabling users to engage with posts in real-time, the best thing about it is allowing you to stay updated of the latest trends and join discussions on the recent important topics.


7- Sendible

This tool is specified for agencies with a big number of clients, as it enables them to customize their dashboard according to their needs to attract and gain more leads, it also has incredible integrations such as; photo editors and Youtube search.


8- MavSocial

An easy-to-use social media management tool, it includes all features you can imagine in a social media tool from content creation to reporting, it also has a big library where you can manage, edit and use your multimedia for your posts, and search engines so that you can browse millions of stock photos.


9- Social Flow

One of the most famous social media management tool, it is known for its great publishing and advertising features, it enables you to increase your Facebook shares by more than 30, that is why it is adopted by big publishers like; National Geographical Channel and The New York Times newspaper.


10- Spredfast

The biggest companies in the world adopt Spredffast, it let you monitor conversations via keyword search, it has features enabling you to manage several social media networks, it also provides very developed analytics data reports, and data showed in graphics so that it can easily be exported.


11- Social Pilot

On one dashboard there are many amazing features, Social Pilot is adopted by over 75.000 agencies and social media specialists to increase their effective presence, it has many categories of content to post in the scheduled times in your calendar, it also lets you communicate with the clients within the tool with no need for their credentials.


12- eClincher

It has all the necessary features that any social media management tool may have, besides its unique publishing features, it monitors keywords and hashtags making it easy for you to track discussions, mentions and get news leads, it is really comprehensive tool.


13- CoSchedule

It is a very smart social media management tool in content marketing; it allows you to plan your posts and create social media messages, it’s also known for its feature of the social calendar, which helps you to organize all your social media posts.


14- Edgar

It schedules the content in a very clever way, it divides the content into categories and inserts time slots to each one, then it recycles the content library as per these categories, it is very unique in scheduling.


15- Sprout Social

This tool has cool features in terms of publishing, as it allows you to schedule content, monitor your brand on social media, it is helpful in analyzing and reporting for better straggles to be adopted in the future.

Therefore, you can choose a social media management tool from the above-mentioned tools; your selection shall be based on your social media strategy goals since there is a wide range of different tools that come in all shapes and sizes.


Now, If your preferable tool mentioned on the list, I would like to hear why did you choose it specifically, if your favorite one was not mentioned, please tell us about it below and what you like about it.

15 Social Media Management Tools That Can Help Your Business