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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy in 8 Easy Steps

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy in 8 Easy Steps

Social media strategy is the outline to do and achieve on social media; it determines your actions and how you react on social networks, to prepare this plan you need to follow specific instructions and standards to ensure your success and efficiency in your business.

In this article, we will explain how to develop a solid social media strategy in just 8 steps to be applied, afterwards, be sure that you got success!

Step1: Determine Your Business Objectives

The very first thing in any marketing strategy is to identify your main objectives, as every step of the strategy serves these objectives.

So you have to know your business needs, determine how you wish to use social media to fulfill your needs, definitely you will discover several goals, however the majority of businesses don’t include all their goals in one strategy, I think it is better to specify a few goals within your strategy because your focus will be intensive rather than distract yourself by so many goals.

Consider your major goal of social media strategy whether it is increasing brand recognition or generating high traffic and sales, of course, this goal is supposed to be measurable, specific, reachable and consistent.

Step2: Competitors Benchmarking

Competitive analysis will give you a good understanding of what your competitors offer in the industry and allows you to get clues about what customers are expecting, this analysis shall enable you to learn which social media platforms your competitors adopt and how they are doing well there.

To conduct an analysis of their content strategy; pick three or four of top players in the market make an overall social media competitive audit, look at their latest techniques they use, their quality of design, responding time, tone with customers, the attitude of their posts, cultural preference, always watch these measurements closely, so that you will be able to evaluate your goals and strategies constantly.

Step3: Pick The Appropriate Channels

Some businesses start signing up accounts on all popular social platforms without conducting a precise researching on which channels shall deliver the best results; it is vital to be aware that some social platforms are more adequate to specific types of businesses than others.

For more clarification, Linkedin is a more convenient social network for b2b marketing business while Behance is excellent for creative industries.

Therefore, you shall avoid wasting your time in the less important places, when your search results show that your target audience spends most of their social interacting time on Facebook, for an instant, more than Instagram, now you accurately know which the main social network you have to focus on, the network that allows you to interact with the largest portion of your target audience, that is where you must exist.


Step4: Know Your Target Audience

One of the most critical steps of your social media strategy is to know your audience very well and extract your buyer personas from them.

Buyer persona simply is the key portion of your audience with a detailed profile of the ideal customers, this way you will target the right customers at the right time with the adequate messages so easily.

As long as you have learned their interests, hobbies, needs, obstacles, likes, dislikes, motivations, and solutions they seek, it will be easier and profitable to get them on social networks than any other media, briefly, the more specific in knowing your ideal audience, the more your targets get achieved easily and quickly.

Step5: Build a Content Plan

Sharing an informative content is a must in your social media strategy, in this step you are supposed to develop a content plan that includes three essential items; type of content, content publishing times, and frequency of publishing.

The type of content is how you present yourself to your audience including images, videos, or text posts, times of publishing content, you may automate the dates of publishing your posts; however, you can discover and determine the best times for yourself according to your own estimates, the third item is; frequency of publishing you have to make it perfect because it either may lead to more likes and engagement of fans or unlikes and weak interaction rate, so be cautious in this regard.

You have to ensure that the strategy of content reflects the mission you specified to such social media profile, so that what you publish shall support the main targets specified earlier.


Step6: Create a Content

Now, it is time to create informative effective and shareable content which is about a well understanding of your audience mindset, thus you need to consider these tips while you are creating your killer content which includes; view your business in a video, use good news, react immediately, use emotions, tell a story, use infographics, post a controversial topics and let people interact with it, make your audience feel that they are classy and intelligent, present new inspirational ideas constantly.

Step7: Monitor, Analyze & Optimize

Any strong social media strategy must be monitored and measured after applying the aforementioned steps, any issues or negative or positive feedback must be handled professionally on time.

You shall monitor and analyze your strategy’s results on a regular basis to ensure that every step is performed perfectly as planned, use tools like Google analytics, Mavsocial, which enable you to get the engagement statistics, graphical data and much more of analyzing data making the reporting process much easier.


Step8: Re-evaluate & Test

In this step, you need to re-evaluate and test the efficiency of your social media strategy, so that you can form a clear vision of what is beneficial to you and what is not, then you can filter your strategy components and update it as well.

By adopting surveys and asking followers, you will figure out what are the expectations and needs of your customers on social media, by this way you will know how to fulfill their requirements and what makes them satisfied.

Remember, nothing is written on stone, things changes fast on social media, so keep updated with the variables and always go with the trend.

Keep in touch with us and be confident that your Social Media Marketing Strategy will be professionally planned by our highly qualified experts in this field. 

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy in 8 Easy Steps