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Social Proof How to Utilize Powerful Marketing Assets

Social Proof How to Utilize Powerful Marketing Assets

Build trust is the first step to make customers buy from you. If they didn’t know your store and products, they won’t become clients for the first time.

Social proof can be used in many marketing areas whether online or offline, in addition to, facilitate the process of marketing.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is the concept of people will follow the action of the masses, is a psychological phenomenon that people assume the attitude of others is must be correct and rely on.

There have been several studies conducted on the concept of social proof and show people conform to the group decision. Social proof influences on people in an incredible way. Some people can check out a social media post just because it’s high engagement numbers or following a new brand because others are saying that’s good.

For instance, there are some brands who are advertising the same thing. One of them has a huge number of likes and praises and the other one has a little number. You’ll probably more be affected with the one has more engagements and social proof, even if the other one offers better.

Social proof can make people take an action or make a decision differently than they would if they had an individual judgment. People go through the wisdom of the crowd whether they are familiar with social proof or not.  It is saying that it’s worth money, time, and interest so it works and supports a choice.

Social Proof Types

You can create social proof on many platforms of social media channels and networks, reaching a wide range of behaviors from different groups of people.

  • Public Reviews   

Social Proof Types

People likely believe what other people say about specific brand whether compliments or offensive reviews. Public testimonials praise and recommendations are the best way to sell your products.

Reviews, ratings, and user-generated content are considered a core type to make more engagements. User-generated content is posts or content that your customers share about your business on their personal accounts and tag you or use your hashtags.

Additionally, you can collect user-generated contents, reviews, and rating to show it on your website and social media channels in order to make potential customers trust your business.

  • Popularity

As a customer, you almost judge any business on its number of engagements and followers on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, etc. An Instagram page with 80k followers is more recognized than a page with 100 followers.

The number of shares, likes, comments, rating, and views on live posts also matters. Therefore, your potential customers will feel better once your business is popular, which means has social proof.

  • Demand Proof

Demand proof of social proof types displays that customers will not only interested in your brand but also will buy from you because demand shows a huge number of sales that can bring more demand.

In this demand proof, you need to tell your customers about the fulfilled orders you’ve already sold by sharing or incorporating into your posts. You can share the number of items sold and customers who purchased to be shown to your target audience and that will truly help you to start social proof. This type of convincing is known as scarcity.

You can share metric is most connected to your business and costumers in one of the social enterprises like LSTN, which is helped an incredible number of entrepreneurs worldwide and the number is increasing day by day.

  • Influencer Authorization

Influencer Authorization

People affected by bloggers, influencers, and industry experts with its content and posts on their social media channels. You can make best out of that concept to let your target audience check your store out.

Influencer marketing seems an easy way of social proof to create but it’s not. Let the influencer authorization within your niche have an effect on your target audience.

Platforms to use your social proof in

Platforms to use your social proof in

There are a lot of places that allow using social proof in, like PPC campaigns, social media channels, blog posts, sites, and emails. Thus, you need to focus on those platforms to make the most out of social proof.

  • PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads consider a kind of ads that let you utilize reviews.

This type will be effective for the visible social proof once you get a lot of likes, shares, and comments, which creates a snowball effect, makes new users know your products and gives you more momentum.

  • Social Media

Social media is a popular place to display social proof because many people use it to find out what they need. Therefore, the more you get the visible social proof, the more people check your site out.

You can focus on engagement-building campaigns, using many aspects such as social media contests and Instagram stories that ask people to do a specific action like choosing between two options, share a picture, tag a friend, or answer a question. This way of social proof more effective than sale-oriented content.

You can ask people to share their experience with you to share it on your site. This way of permission helps them to feel appreciated. Pipcorn is the best brand does this kind of permission.

  • Blog Posts

People are likely to read something shared by their friends on social media platforms because content marketing builds trust and helps to attract social proof.

CTAs is a great way to inspire people to make a comment or ask a question on your blog posts. You can let your readers do these actions by asking them to leave a question, which can drive more engagement.

  • Site

In this place, you can show customer testimonial and reviews on your site to leverage social proof. User-generated content is another core point that you can showcases on your site as an engagement-building campaign.

People do what other people say of recommendation because seeing how great they feel of a specific product is enough to get you to convert. Furthermore, customer satisfaction rate and the number of sold products are also important to leverage social proof on your site.

Leverage Social Proof Apps

Leverage Social Proof Apps

There are a lot of Shopify apps can help you to leverage social proof, here are some of them;

Omega Facebook Reviews

Facebook reviews by omega help you to balance the engagements between off-site and on-site social proof by displaying the reviews and rating on your Shopify store and making your site visible to new customers.

Press Kit Hero

This app allows you to create a professional press kit, making the bloggers and journalists to write about you, in addition to, you can showcase your mentions and social proof on your site in a manner way. People will react with a new brand once a popular, favorite blogger writes about in their blog.

You can take off a limited edition of the product that let people have a desire to buy so as not to miss them out. When product got out of stock or the deal they see today might not be available tomorrow, they will be more motivated to buy. helps you to show that if an item is low in stock and the recent orders on your product details.

Ultimately, social proof depends on trust and reputation, so you can take a look at your past customers, your business, and your big wins to make the most of social proof.

Social Proof How to Utilize Powerful Marketing Assets