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The Story behind “Just Do It”

The Story behind “Just Do It”

One of the most innovative advertising slogans in history which seems quite simple is “Just Do It” only three powerful positive words made NIKE one of the highest profile athletic brands globally.


Nike Started as an athletic supplier targeted a specific segment of audience of about one million people, In the 80s Nike came up to a fact that they must expand their audience by making their products suitable to everybody, not just athletics, Once Nike as fitness brand adopted its inspirational slogan ”Just Do It” the brand’s magic started to gain momentum and moved into another dimension.


The Reason of Its Success For 25 Years

Seems simple; however, Nike’s slogan message was so effective and inspirational to the extent that turned its brand into a fashion status, it just made Nike products became appealing to all types of customers which created much bigger potential market than that market they targeted it in the 80s.

“Just Do It” established a new attitude which motives and pushes people beyond their goals no matter how far-reaching they are, it created no limits for everyone’s dreams and ambitions, it reached everyone’s deep down promoting them to keep going on and never give up.

NIKE could create strong ties with its customers, and that’s how it could continue its own success for 25 years since it believed to Just Do It.

The Story behind “Just Do It”