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What Is Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the marketing strategies involves in creating and sharing informative, valuable free content to a target audience to bring traffic and attract this defined audience, eventually, drive the customer to buy, the type of content shall reflect your experience in the field; also it has to talk about to what you offer.

Through this strategy, you educate people about what you offer, so they gain knowledge and, you gain their awareness and trust. Briefly, Content marketing is marketing your business or brand by providing educational and entertaining information which shall help the readers to make informed decisions.


Why Content Marketing

When you know that 61% of customers say that they prefer the business that delivers a regular content, moreover; they are likely to buy from it, when you figure out that studies showed that informative content is one of the top reasons that make people follow brands on social networks, furthermore; blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages, this is really incredible!

Notwithstanding these figures, it is very important to understand the real reasons that will motivate you to adopt content marketing in your marketing strategy, including but not limited to;


Building Brand Awareness

People will never know about you if you don’t follow the correct actions to make your brand recognized, so content shall ensure the accomplishment of this mission, it will let people learn about the products you offer, through a solid, informative content on your website, thus potential customers will read your valuable content, providing them with the information they need, at this stage you gain their awareness about you and your products.


Motivating People to Come Again

When people visit your website for the first time and read your solid, informative content, you are starting to build a relation, when helpful information provided to them through your content, they will automatically come back again to you to get more information, at this exact point you got their trust, for sure they come back again over and over again as you become their trusted resource of information.


Building Trust

Since you gained a brand awareness and, made people come back again to your website, they probably started to trust you; as you provide them with the information they need, which apparently means that you are an expert in your field, because people trust experts, they will be convinced of your ability to solve their problems by giving them the ultimate solutions you offer.


Increasing Traffic

Content can significantly increase the traffic to your website, which means much exposure of your brand to the biggest possible number of people, consequently generating more leads.


Generating Leads 

The major reason behind the whole marketing process is generating leads; thus this factor is considered the biggest one, and content helps you in achieving this goal by enabling people to find you through your informative content, when they make a research on search engines, the most interesting part here is these leads are more likely to convert to customers, because they do search about what they really want and once they visit your website and read your rich content, they definitely convert to customers.


Making People Share Your Content

Of course, if you could create a useful, unique content that people want to read is a good thing, but if you could create a content they share, you definitely will keep ahead of the game!

As the target is to form a community around your content, the more people read your content, the more traffic, and more leads; thus building content shows your capabilities in providing unique solutions for common problems, shall describe you as professional in what you do.



Put Strategy & Track Your Success

Having built a content marketing strategy, which doesn’t have to be complicated to achieve sufficient results, it may include simple four steps as follows;

  • Defining your target audience,
  • Specifying the channels where target customers spend most of their time online,
  • Determining the type of content they prefer to read,
  • Knowing the kind of information, they seek to know,
  • Specifying the results you want to your content to achieve.

Now you would like to see the results of your efforts, the most amazing part of the whole strategy is to see your success embodies in figures and ROI, you may assess these results of engagement and conversion rates by many tools; like Google Analytics, for instance, to figure out the performance of your strategy and know to what extent your content achieved success.


It becomes very clear that content marketing which is about information and telling stories shall be an integral part of your marketing strategy, considering its various advantages and the simplicity of applying its strategy.


Keep in touch with us to get a killer content strategy that will fulfill your business’s goals, prepared by our professional content marketing specialists. 


What Is Content Marketing