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What is ERP

What is ERP

Have you ever heard about ERP before?, if not, you are supposed to have a look at the following article to know more about what is ERP and how will your business benefit from it.

ERP simply refers to Enterprise Resource Planning it is a software that links all processes of any business together in one facet by integrating all business’s departments among each other such as; human resources, customer service, finance, marketing to perform the work processes quickly and efficiently.

So how this software works, in brief it automates the main processes, collects and stores data and information of the business to be easily accessible by all departments and to allow employees to manage the entire business effectively.

Recently ERP became widely used, and according to statistics 81% of companies adopting this system, they are either in the process of implementing the system or already completed it.

Benefits of ERP

By implementing Enterprise Resource Planning software to your business you will enjoy countless benefits including but not limited to, business’s processes integration, enhancing the overall performance, increasing productivity, lowing costs and data security and many more advantages:


All various essential processes in different departments that operate a business like; financial management, human resources, product data management and customer relationship management (CRM) and others, become integrated into a single complete system, in other words all data and information of the business will be stored in one place, thus facilitating the performance of these processes across the whole business; for example, finance and sales departments can share and use the same information at one time form the same source.

-Preparing Reports

The process of making reports will be more facilitated by using Enterprise Resource Planning software; the business will be able to respond to the daily data complicated requests in an easy manner and more customized, the employees will be able to prepare their own reports without referring to IT department thus saving much time and higher performance

-Enhancing The Comprehensive Performance

Ensuring the consistency of all business’s operations and lessen any potential errors to be happened, by adopting the automation in all divisions of the business it enhances the efficiency and acceleration of performance.

-Increasing Productivity

When many repetitive tasks within the business become automated, the employees will concentrate on exerting their efforts on the most vital tasks; moreover, they shall perform such tasks smoothly and efficiently since their schedule will be free of time-wasting tasks.

-Cost Saving

By implementing Enterprise Resource Planning software to be the only source of the accurate data and information, it lessens the overall costs because it enables the business to avoid delays, disruptions and helps to accelerate the process of making decisions, accordingly the incurred expenses on unautomated processes before will be cut.

-High Level of Security

Concerns related to the security of data will no longer exist after building Enterprise Resource Planning system, as it will enhance the consistency and security of data via the built-in firewalls, also the restrictions over data can be managed; so you can adjust the security of the system as you wish, furthermore, in the coming years we may witness more complicated types of multi-layer security and predicting deterrence for more secure systems.



How to Choose the Most Suitable ERP Customization Vendor For Your Business


Now you decided to deploy Enterprise Resource Planning solution, and your priority is to ensure the success and efficiency the system in your business; thus you have to be sure that you picked the right agency to implement the system to your business, the following tips shall illustrate the requirements needed to be fulfilled:

-The ERP solution customization must meet your business’s requirements that you initially specified to them, they must be able to present a clear vision of how will they fill the gaps in the current processes of your business and how can they improve their performance

-The potential agency must prove its efficiency by offering strong portfolio and dynamic mechanisms of implementing Enterprise Resource Planning system as it is not enough that they prepare only a script outlining how it will be deployed.

-The agency should have accumulated skills and broad experience in the industry, have partnerships with big ERP companies Zoho, for instance, granted awards and certificates, thus ensuring the efficiency of the business’s processes and return on investment will be seen sooner.

-Argue them about their methodology for a smooth implementation and their support service in the long run to maintain your productivity and your goals achievement.

-Considering the growing threat of cyber attacks, ERP customization agency must provide a top level of data protection with a sophisticated security level, also offer complete support to solve any problem faster.

Like we talked above, it becomes inevitable for any business to implement this integrated software to streamline the processes of work and for more efficiency.

Keep in touch with us and know more about our ERP customization services and its incredible features for your business, or let us give you a callback.

What is ERP