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What is VoIP Phone Services?

What is VoIP Phone Services?

Since VoIP technology has arrived on the scene it established a new concept of easy free communications for both of consumers and businesses over the traditional communication methods, now a lot of people become aware of the way of using this technology with its countless advantages, however not all people have enough knowledge that enable them to obtain a successful VoIP service. Here we will explain, what is VoIP phone services, How did it surpass conventional communication systems, its benefits and how make good use of them?


VoIP System

Most of the small business owners are asking What is VoIP Phone Services, it refers to “voice over internet protocol’ it is a method to make calls through internet protocol, it enables users to make international and local calls for free, its first call made in the 90s at that time it was not popular because of the lack of high-speed internet, thus the calls were dropped many times during conversation, however within the last two decades, services providers could develop this technology and turned to digital world giving us a new innovation of voice communication system.

In order to know What is VoIP Phone Services and how it operates, firstly we need to understand how voice communication worked a long of these years, previously communications depended on Plain Old Telephone Service “POTS” technology, according to it, every call was required to go through a network known as Public Switched Telephone Network “PSTN”, which simply consisted of circuit switches connecting the callers at each end and only needed telephone device and copper line to complete the process, that’s why it was popular and easy-to-use by both of people and businesses.

However, within the last two decades internet revolution has changed everything and provided us with an entirely new technology in this regard, at the same time POTS technology did not witness any major developments, then the fast-growing VoIP technology could replace it very quickly in the majority of businesses.

In VoIP, voice is transformed into packets of data which travel over Internet protocol network taking different routes to reach there, then they gather and transformed into sound at the other end, so that incoming and outgoing calls can be made using a telephone adapter connected to the internet without any need for specific infrastructure to make it work, it shall use the existing broadband and internet connections, also this technology based on “Packets” carry more data over the network compared to the former technology PSTN, this makes it costs the only a fraction of the price in comparison with landline and mobile phones.

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Benefits of VoIP Phone Services

  • Low Cost, One of the most amazing benefits of its that you are not required to buy specific hardware or infrastructure as we mentioned above accordingly there will be no necessity for maintenance and its high expenses, this means your cost of establishing and operating the system will be at its minimum level.
  • Easy Integration, VoIP Phone Services can easily integrate with any other businesses software, for example, CRM tool used in most sales departments of any business can be integrated, then customers’ information can be shared between both of them and calls made directly without missing their position in the software, instead of the tradition way of checking client’s data first then write them down and eventually make the call from their own phones, thus saving much time and talk to the biggest possible number of customers.
  • High Quality, it can provide you a clear and dependable sound all time since it focuses on providing a high level of customer service; even by using low bandwidths, it works well without any cutoffs or any kind of noisy, so it is considered a reliable bilateral communication that ensures the best voice quality, in addition, your security since it depends on using your own private IP network.
  • Flexibility, considering that you will have one network to manage your work, phone calls can be made from one device from any place, also various devices can share the same phone number for incoming and outgoing calls, so it can satisfy different needs of businesses, and this advantage is the main object that makes people wonder What is VoIP Phone Services.
  • Security, it is based on encryption, so your phones calls will not be attacked by hackers, as you can protect VoIP traffic by setting up IPS and a firewall to monitor and track unwanted voice calls, also locking voice servers for the administration only; this way you can completely protect your business data.


Voice Over IP phone calls give the capability to achieve efficiency and productivity as it will be easier to include more phone lines, employees will stay online for a long time, businesses and companies can customize and manage their own devices to be compatible with their work type, thus total cost will be decreased and will give more time to focus on the important stuff that affects the business the most, also giving a good exchange of views and ideas.


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What is VoIP Phone Services?